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The traditional way of teaching multimedia- camera follow action - has undergone a major change in the classroom. The emphasis toward shooting video for news stories at a local TV station has shifted toward multimedia production in corporate and entrepreneurial environments. Teach Multimedia is a resource for school multimedia programs to prepare students for the real world of multimedia production.

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Teachers' in-Service provides multiple training resources, methods, and techniques for the multimedia classroom.

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"All students on task"

Why doesn't your school have Morning Announcements,

School News, and Orientation Night Videos?

Buy one of our packages and soon have these projects at your school.

teach multimedia multimedia production studio
teach multimedia student multimedia production studio
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Guide to Teaching Multimedia Production

"Setting up a Multimedia/TV Studio Program for Your School"

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What You Will Learn:

  • Managing a class
  • Curriculum
  • Grading
  • Testing
  • Student forms
  • Classroom projects
  • School and community
  • Multimedia room size
  • Furniture
  • Sound and space
  • Editing software
  • Production equipment


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    How to Teach Multimedia without having a Dumb Attack
    [Video Chuck's (Prof. Chuck Dolbeare) Guide and Resources to Teaching Multimedia/Video]

    Buy the book and Receive 100's of multimedia teaching resources. In addition to the book, you gain access to a web site packed with resources not included in the book.

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