PHASE 2: Control Room - Director Module

Curriculum Session Titles:
  • TV Media Studio - The Director Engineer
  • This Module will show you how to add a narration to a clip while viewing the clip
  • Learn how to watch the various positions and keep track of what they are doing
  • Learn how to control your crew and know that your position is the final say in the production along with the PRODUCER
  • Know all the positions, what they do and the cues to direct them.
  • You will take a post pre and post test to measure your knowledge

TV Studio Director Curriculum
student director

The Studio Director directs each broadcast over an intercom system linked to each position and develops a computerized show program detailing each cue change in a broadcast.
What Students Will Learn:
  • Aspects of management and leadership.
  • To multitask and handle pressure.
  • Responsibility for producing a show that fits time constraints and for instructing production team in proper timing.
  • How to make decisions while answering questions from production team
  • Problem solving skills

Equipment for TV Studio Director Engineer Position:

TV Studio Director Equipment
NOTE: Equipment pictured may not be the exact equipment provided.

Equipment includes:  

  • 1-Director Curriculum
  • 1-Desk/Video Console
  • 1-Chair
  • 1-Director Software