PHASE 1: Plan, Record & Edit Module

Curriculum Session Titles:
  1. The Storyboard
  2. Basic Information
  3. Introduction Importing Media Scenes into the Story
  4. Editing Trimming and Splitting
  5. DVD Authoring
  6. Production Continuity and Creativity
  7. Audio Editing, Voice-overs and Narration
  8. Producing a News Story - The Storyboard
  9. Producing a News Story Import-Export Media
  10. Producing a News Story - Editing the Footage
  11. Producing a News Story - Titles, Text, and Transit
  12. Producing a News Story - Audio Effects

Pinnacle Editing Curriculum
multimedia students


The Digital Editing Production position introduces two students as a team to production concepts and techniques using various digital video editing systems. The curriculum incorporates math, language arts, cooperative skills and reading activities into daily lessons, quizzes, pre-test and post-test. Through hands-on sessions, students learn the non-linear editing process from digitizing raw video to producing finished segments. Special template videos are utilized to enhance the sessions and teach students the important elements of operation, video production and creating their own news story. The team will learn all about production, editing, operation and complete finished projects for the classroom, school and community. Students will have outcomes and objectives.

What Students Will Learn:
  • Steps in video production
  • Importing scenes from camera & adding to storyboard
  • Different types of shots to be used in a video
  • Advanced methods of audio editing
  • Reading & following a storyboard
  • Recording raw footage then importing & trimming it for for a video segment
  • Assembling video segments into a news story
  • Add titles & transitions to the assembled video
  • Inserting & mixing the audio.

Equipment for Plan, Record, & Edit - Production Engineer Postion:

NOTE: Equipment pictured may not be the exact equipment provided.

The following equipment is included for this The Digital Editing Production station, and equips two student with everything they need. Order one set for every two students working in your class at the same time:

Required Equipment    Optional Equipment
  • 1-Editing Software (Provided by School)
  • 1-Digital Editing Quick Start Curriculum (non-academic)
  • 1-Digital Editing Curriculum: Plan, Record & Edit Package
  • 1-Digital Editing Storyboard Notebooks (2)
  • 1-Digital Editing Teacher / Training Notebook
  • 1-Digital Editing Template Footage Library (for all sessions)
  • 1-Script/Storyboard Software Curriculum
  • 1-HD/ENG Field Camcorder with Microphone input
  • 1Production Broadcast Royalty License Music/Sound Effects Library
  • 1-Tripod w/ Head
  • 1-Headsets for Cameras and Editing Stations (2)
  • 1-Wireless Lapel Microphone - Transmit
  • 1-Wireless Microphone Receiver (2-channel)
  • 1-Blank Media Cards (1 Pack of 5)
  • 20 Uploaded Videos (not over 60 minutes) for Grading and Evaluation
  • 2-Surge protector for editing stations
  • 1-Camera Carry Case
  • 1-Extra Camcorder Batteries
  • 1-TM Video Footage Storage Backup System