PHASE 2: Control Room - Producer Module

Curriculum Session Titles:
  • TV Media Studio - The Producer

TV Studio Producer Curriculum
student producer

The Studio Producer is leader of the studio/control room team, and produces broadcast scripts and oversees each step in the pre-production of a broadcast.

What Students Will Learn:
  • Aspects of management and leadership
  • Observe the benefits of a team approach over an individualistic approach in reaching the goals established for a broadcast.
  • Problem-solving skills
  • To take ownership of the projects they produce to gain total class success.
  • To add a narration to a clip while viewing the clip
  • Learn how to watch the various positions and keep track of what they are doing
  • Assist the Director and know that your position is the final say in the production
  • Fill out and utilize a production spreadsheet
  • You will take a post pre and post test to measure your knowledge

Equipment for TV Studio Producer Engineer Position:
TV Studio Producer Equipment
NOTE: Equipment pictured may not be the exact equipment provided.

Equipment includes:

  • 1-Producer Curriculum
  • 1-Desk/Video Console
  • 1-Chair
  • 1-Monitor for viewing live broadcast
  • 1-TM TV Show Management Software