PHASE 2: Control Room - Script Supervisor Module

Curriculum Session Titles:
  • TV Media Studio - The Storyboard/Script Engineer

TV Studio Director Curriculum
script supervisor

The Studio Storyboard/Script Engineer is heavily involved in the planning stages of a broadcast. Develops storyboards to provide a visual reference for each cue in a broadcast.

What Students Will Learn:
  • How to proofread scripts before other cast and crew members receive their copies.
  • Responsibility for color coding stories, camera cues, sound cues, and other technical cues for the use of other crew members.
  • Clarify and follow directives from the Director
  • This Module will show you how to add a narration to a clip while viewing the clip
  • Be involved, heavily, in the planning of the script
  • Be responsible for the final outcome of the script

Equipment for Storyboard/Script Engineer Position:

Script/Storyboard Supervisor Equipment
NOTE: Equipment pictured may not be the exact equipment provided.

Equipment includes:  

  • 1-Quick Storyboard Curriculum
  • 1-Script Courseware