PHASE 2: Control Room - Teleprompter Module

Curriculum Session Titles:
  • TV Media Studio - The Teleprompter Engineer Position

Teleprompter Engineer Curriculum
Teleprompter Position

The Studio Teleprompter Engineer creates special teleprompter scripts and operates teleprompter system to display the scripts for each broadcast.

What Students Will Learn:
  • Responsibility for setting up computer with the scripts approved by the Script Manager.
  • How to follow along as anchors read script and to scroll scripts at the desired pace.
  • How to add a narration to a clip while viewing the clip
  • How to operate a teleprompter
  • How to work with the script supervisor and floor managerr

Equipment for the Teleprompter Engineer Position:

Teleprompter Equipment

NOTE: Equipment pictured may not be the exact equipment provided.

Equipment includes:  

  • 4-Video Teleprompter Curriculum
  • 4-Video Teleprompter System (3 in studio, 1 in field)
  • 2-Video Teleprompter Software (1 for studio, 1 for field)
  • 1-Video & Sound Cabling
  • 3-Intercom Headset
  • 3-Standup Stools
  • 1-Monitor for viewing live broadcast