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Our Experience and Expertise

Teach Multimedia, originally founded in 1996, provides teaching plans and techniques for middle school and high school video teachers. Combining backgrounds in broadcasting and education, we began hosting in-service workshops for multimedia/video teachers around the country. A reputation for state-of-the-art labs and comprehensive curriculum was soon established, and within a few years we had installed TV Studio Labs in schools from Maine to California.

One or two high-end cameras in a classroom with 30 students just doesn’t work!  We offer a Turnkey Video Package that provides instruction in all facets of video production and keps students all on task at the same time..

The Turnkey Package consists of a TV Studio resembling an actual TV station, including all the equipment and jobs required to broadcast programming.

When using our three learning levels of software, equipment, curriculum, teach the teacher methods, students gain corporate and broadcasting knowledge skills using tools designed for the classroom so new teachers can teach and students get jobs. We try to balance a budget with our turnkey programs not just focus on equipment cost.  We ask when the stuff arrives in your school NOW WHAT?  Where are the outcomes, objectives, competencies, curriculum, testing, teacher training and what planned projects will students produce?  AFTER THE EQUIPMENT GOES INTO THE CLASSROOM NOW WHAT? - WE ARE THE NOW WHAT.

Corresponding template-driven curriculum guides students through each phase of production as they rotate through all positions from storyboarding to editing. The Teacher's Guide and training allows the instructor to facilitate learning in all areas of the multimedia careers center and TV studio

Video Editing Software companies have been using our services to write their student curriculum, some of which is used in our labs. The key to the success of our labs is our staff-written curriculum which corresponds to the production software and equipment.

Satisfied schools led to the establishment of our consulting services, which are particularly useful during the planning stages of implementing a school multimedia program. We provide guidance and resources to help design a cost effective lab with a stimulating learning environment.


Drawing from experience in broadcasting and education, our staff has trained over 8,000 instructors to teach video production in the classroom. Education majors have learned to effectively motivate students to produce video projects from the planning stage to the final edit.

Our staff chaired the TV Production contest for Skills USA-VICA for six years and has written a column ("Multimedia Forum") for Ties, a national teachers' magazine available at www.TiesMagazine.org. Work at NBC, production of a national TV show, and directing corporate training videos for companies in the United States and overseas prepared us to help schools jump start their multimedia programs.

We have set the standard for middle school and high school multimedia curriculum; our courseware is used in schools across the country and in Canada. Our focus and energy are directed to provide multimedia teachers with the best possible educational tools and resources, so they can prepare their students for a real world job in an exciting and fascinating industry.

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Teach Multimedia periodically offers products to schools for purposes of fund raising to help with the school Multimedia Program. Get more information to see what product(s) are currently available and sign up for a fund raising campaign.


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