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"How To Teach Multimedia"
$99.00 for a 2 Hours Online Session

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  • Training for brand new and experienced video/multimedia teachers
  • Join thousands of instructors who are benefitting from our Teachers' Training.
  • Learn How to Teach Multimedia . . .
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    Inservice Training Credit Available!

    Select from the two training Options!

    Would you like to know how to . . .
    • Teach a video class day by day with materials?
    • Teach students to produce school, classroom and community projects?
    • Teach students to produce corporate videos to create income for your class?
    Instead of manuals on how to operate equipment, we provide a complete road map with step-by-step teaching for this exciting technology!

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    What You Will Learn:
    • Teaching methods
    • Planning a budget
    • Grant writing
    • Equipment and software curriculum selection
    • Gain expertise in production techniques, editing/video production process and communicating its application to students.
    • Receive Free Pinnacle Editing/Production Curriculum and other materials valued at $500.00. (See cost for Basic and Advanced Training on line)
    • All participants will receive a Certificate of Completion for credit.
    Have taught at major universities: Learn how to implement a school video/multimedia program with a TV studio, community cable broadcasting, and our Video Editing Curriculum, the backbone of our system. We have taught at major universities and have a wealth of experience in broadcasting including NBC, a national TV show with top celebrities, video projects for President Ronald Reagan, and corporate training videos for the baking industry in Egypt. Our fusion of education and broadcasting experience benefits the instructors that teach multimedia classes in schools across the country.

    A comprehensive student video curriculum: Our company has established the first national video teachers' In-service and designed the most comprehensive student video curriculum in the nation. Teachers are taking advantage of the fast-paced, up-to-date training in basic and advanced video editing and production. Show business, corporate and educational experiences converge, providing a simplified road map for teaching multimedia/video production. Whether you are a broadcast major, production employee at a TV station, or a brand new teacher just starting out in a video class, this training will increase your effectiveness.

    teaching students multimedia video production

    Workshop Most teachers gain their experience from a degree in broadcasting or employment at a local TV station. This workshop provides teachers with the skills they need to teach the academic aspects of broadcasting, but also the actual hands-on experience they can pass on to their students. The goal is for students to apply their training toward future employment.

    Companies need people who can professionally produce, tape, edit, and disperse programs through appropriate mediums. Everyone knows that top anchors present themselves well on camera and deliver compelling news, but someone had to grasp the story and produce the piece before it was aired, allowing the talent to present the information.

    We must teach skills in an exciting classroom environment to provide our students with an edge. This teachers' training will supply the tools, methods, and techniques to introduce students to the real world of multimedia.

    No traveling or motels. This training is all online for four hours, so sign up while there is still space!

    In the coming months, State Departments of Education and Teach Multimedia Inc. are offering exceptional opportunities for schools with Technology Education programs and for teachers interested in teaching multimedia. Topics include planning, storyboarding, shooting/taping (media card), classroom techniques and management, equipment/software operation, budgets, and the key to teaching video production successfully – our student curriculum. This hot new technology is taught by experts in broadcasting and education. See below for Basic and Advanced Digital Multimedia/Video workshop dates.


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    School Fund Raiser

    Teach Multimedia periodically offers products to schools for purposes of fund raising to help with the school Multimedia Program. Get more information to see what product(s) are currently available and sign up for a fund raising campaign.


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