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Plan, Record, Edit Curriculum



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Everything students need to learn how to do:
  • Video Production
  • Video Editing
  • Finished Projects

All Plan, Record, and Edit curriculums are available in complete sets which include beginner and advanced lessons, tests and quizzes, and a complete teacher's guide. Another great feature of our curriculum is that all lessons have raw template video footage included to give the student a truly hands-on learning experience without leaving the classroom. Later they go outside the class and produce their own projects.

Our Plan, Record, and Edit curriculum is one components of our Turnkey Products and is not sold separately. For an overview of the curriculum:

  • Read below about Curriculum Access
  • Select one of the curriculum modulesMultimedia Students
  • Read about Outcomes, objectives and content
  • Request a free curriculum sample.


Curriculum Access:

All curriculum is accessed online through a classroom management system (CMS). This system provides access not only to the curriculum but to a Classroom Management System as well. Using the CMS you can list students in each class, keep track of attendance, record test scores, view student journal entries, and more. Click the button for a free trial access to the CMS.

Adobe Premiere Curriculum

Our most recent update of Adobe Premiere Curriculum is now available and complies with the most recent version of the Adobe Premiere software. Use the link below to learn more about the curriculum and to buy your copy.



Sample Curriculum:

Sample curriculum is Available to Schools only. To request a sample of the Pinnacle Curriculum please fill in the form below and send to us. We will contact the school to verify the request and send information for accessing the sample curriculum to the school email address provided in this request.

School Name
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