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TM Inventions Labs

Announcing TM Inventions Labs for Grades 3-12 Coming in 2019!


What if one of your students had an IDEA for a product and they could learn the process of inventing that would enable them to sell it to the world?

What if your student could become an Inventing Specialist and work with a company that would help them bring their product to market? Wouldn’t that be something? WOW!

Now you can have the TM Inventions Labs in your school, TM Inventions LabsGrades 3-12,  offer this amazing process technology.


What TM Inventions Labs Offers Your Students:


At TM Inventions Labs, we provide the turnkey Invention Labs to cover the broad scope of how students’ ideas can make it to the marketplace. Students and teachers can not only learn the process but also take a product and offer it to a manufacturer with this curriculum package. We believe that students today should be exposed to the vast array of technology and inventing processes that are available. By using our driven curriculum, students get hands-on experience with the technologies in the Inventing World that make the Idea Age as powerful as the imagination. Students need to learn how to create a product from the Idea Stage, through TM Inventions Labs, to selling it to the world. This lab, with its individual stages, has all of the outcomes, objectives, state standards, SCANS, assessment and pre-test/post-test applications for teachers and students. The ability for students to learn the inventing process and the programs that are common in the workplace and in academic environments is a stellar addition to both résumés and job applications.

ITL will offer an online certification ...

ITL will offer an online certification, available as a professionally printed certification that documents a participant's technical ability based on his or her performance of Inventing. This certification measures the recipient’s technical knowledge to a much greater degree than the basic technology literacy. Companies have a high demand for this Specialist


What's the use of a tool, if...

“What’s the use of a tool if you don’t know how to use it?” Surrounding today’s students with the latest high-tech equipment and software is of no use, whatsoever, if the students do not know how to use it. We provide curriculum that gives students the keys to the information highway of inventing. Our curriculum explains not only how to use a piece of equipment or software but how the inventing process can be applied by students on jobs and projects in the real world of Inventing. 


In the current technology world...

In the current technology world, developing new ideas has never been made easier. Our TM inventing curriculum guides students through the process of inventing from the ground up. First, students learn the Idea Security Agreement, one of ten stages of inventing that allows students to decide what type of project they are going to invent and then bring it to the market. After the Idea Security Agreement is signed, our Pre-Development curriculum will guide the student through the process of market research, defining the purpose, researching existing products and patents, determining consumers of the invention in the marketplace, as well as packaging the finished product. Other stages may be added, as the possibility of selling the class or student product to industry with TM always exists. Think about your class or student inventing a product using our process application turnkey system and selling it to be manufactured worldwide. That could even bring some income for the school. Our TM courseware package shows students and teachers the basics of inventing and much, much more.